Miles & Lee in the Medieval Castle

Miles & Lee en el castillo medieval 

A bilingual English and Spanish chapter book. It is the 3rd book in the Miles & Lee series. The boys fly away with the help of a unicorn to a time when peasants struggled for survival and lords ruled the land.

Recommended Ages 7-12

Characters for Miles & Lee in the Medieval Castle


What Readers Are Saying!

"The story starts in the present and follows 2 brothers into another time area and country, later on returning and transitioning back to their home as they are reunited with their parents. Throughout the story, the children learn from multiple characters and have many adventures that teach important life lessons."

“Ms. Retana’s words weave together a delightful description of life in a medieval castle, while Mr. Ferrando’s illustrations vividly portray the customs and costumes of the time. Take this magical tour with them!”