Coming in the Spring of 2024: Chloe’s Secrets/Los secretos de Chloe by Maria Retana and Salva Ferrando


Chloe’s Secrets/ Los secretos de Chloe is a bilingual (English/Spanish) historical non-fiction publication. This title is the "pilot" book for what will be a new series titled Isabella & Chloe. 

Dear readers, learn about slavery in the Southern states during the 1800s. The author, through her own doll collection, (only a few are displayed in the story) brings this topic to light. It is written with great care.

Chloe, an enslaved 7 years old child, will share her story with Isabella, a child of the same age, currently living somewhere in the states. Chloe is brave and honest when telling her life story. She knows all about family unity and sacrifice. Join her in this journey of sadness and happiness.

Mr. Salva Ferrando will bring this historical non-fiction to life. His sensitivity will bring joy instead of sadness. He will show slavery times in a truthful and powerful way.

Recommended Ages 9-12