María Retana's dedication for Chloe's Secrets/Los secretos de Chloe

This heartwarming tale is dedicated to ALL children that have been enslaved in the past and today. 

Este conmovedor cuento está dedicado a todos los niños que han sido esclavizados en el pasado y en la actualidad.

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 Chloe's Secrets/Los secretos de Chloe 

Chloe's Secrets/Los secretos de Chloe is the "Pilot" book for the 2024 series Isabella & Chloe by Authors María Retana, Miles Last and illustrator Salva Ferrando

Chloe's Secrets/Los secretos de Chloe is a historical non-fiction picture book, written in English and Spanish. María Retana's source of inspiration for this title was her collection of dolls. She recounts the tale of slavery in the South during the 1800s from the perspective of a seven-year-old. Mr. Salva Ferrando illustrates this period in American history with sensitivity, which instills joy rather than sorrow. He shows slavery times in a truthful and powerful way.

Recommended Ages 9-12



What Readers Are Saying!


"Loved the way Chloe and Isabella bonded after Chloe shared her family's slavery times and the journey to freedom. Loved the illustration of the girls exchanging a playful look because they knew that they would be meeting again to share more of their past and present lives. I will be reading this lovely story both in English and Spanish to my two granddaughters."

"Ms. Retana brings two cultures together through a young girl’s dream and her collection of dolls. One of the dolls, who comes to life in the girl’s dream, tells of her experience as a child of slaves on a plantation. In this way, Ms. Retana introduces the young reader to the subject of slavery. Mr. Ferrando's illustrations enhance the story, colorfully depicting the characters and setting. I would recommend this book to all young readers, at home and in the classroom."

"Great illustrations! This book does an excellent job of explaining the terrible times that occurred during slavery, in a "kid-friendly" way. The author does a great job of showing how two different worlds can connect through friendship and story telling."